Sunday, January 11, 2004
After doing some research on language use I've installed the translating buttons on the right (I've linked to all six languages Google translation provides -- once I figure out how to translate into non-European languages a link will be included). I know it's not quite the same and the translations are never one hundred percent accurate, so whenever possible I will work on translating comments as well.

On another, equally important but more serious note, is this news story about the limited access to the internet that many Cubans now face. It goes right along with my previous point about the usage of the internet as an alternative and unofficial means of spreading information, especially to those who would otherwise find themselves in areas where the media is tightly controlled (or, in fact, from such tightly controlled areas to the world at large). Cuba is curbing the accessibility of the internet by charging extra for this service in US dollars (i.e. by reserving it for the elites) and by restricting it to those who are pro-regime. I think this is one of the most restrictive measures any regime can take.


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